Monday, May 31, 2010

Craft Atlanta - Tom Colicchio restaurant

We recently found ourselves in Atlanta and ate at Craft Atlanta in Buckhead. We love Top Chef (and Top Chef Masters), and the idea of eating at one of Tom Colicchio's restaurants was very exciting. Overall we had a great time over a great meal. Menu is a' la carte. Sorry, no pictures! Would definitely recommend.

Amuse Bouche - some kind of pea soup with creme fraiche and bacon on the top.
Appetizers - roasted veal sweetbreads and foie gras terrine.
Main Course - Braised beef short ribs and roasted Alaskan halibut. The waiter thought Zac said "swordfish" when he said "short ribs". The staff was very nice about the mix-up, and brought us the short ribs. They left us the swordfish (and didn't charge for it).
Side Items - Sauteed asparagus, assorment of wild mushrooms, and mushroom risotto
Dessert - Marscapone ice cream
Petit Fours - some vanilla cookies and white cholocate truffles covered in crushed almonds

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