Friday, July 5, 2013

Momofuku Fried Chicken

I am still full from our late lunch today. We made Fried Chicken from David Chang's and Peter Meehan's cookbook Momofuku.

We brined, steamed, fried, and dressed our way to perfectly cooked and crispy chicken.  We have leftover Octo Vinaigrette that we are planning to find a use for, can't let it go to waste! This method of frying chicken without a batter was completely new to us. We are from the South, and didn't realize you could fry chicken any other way! And honestly, not sure we will batter it up again.....Thanks to David Chang we may have found our new favorite fried chicken.

Draining the chicken after brining for 3.5 hrs

Getting ready to steam

Top layer of steamer

Steaming away for 40 minutes

Cooling our steamed chicken

After refrigerating overnight, then letting sit out at room temp for about  30  mins, we were ready to fry

Perfectly crispy fried chicken, about 6-8 minutes in the fryer

Dressing with the Octo Vinaigrette

Ready to eat!
Now go out and get Momofuku and make some fried chicken! We were able to find all the ingredients needed at our local Publix, except the bird's eye chili.  We substituted two seeded habenero chilis.  The chicken packed a punch, but definitely not too much for us.  Lips were a little tingly when I was done, but not too hot at all.  Hopefully Chef Chang would be proud!

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