Monday, May 31, 2010

Mesa Grill @ Caesar's Palace - Bobby Flay restaurant, 1 Michelin star

4/30/2010 - We've survived our first afternoon in Vegas and laughed up an appetite at the Jerry Seinfeld concert. Now onto Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace.

Appetizers: Blue corn Pancake with Barbecued Duck and Habanero Chile-Star Anise Sauce (left), and Yucatan Chicken Tacos with Grilled Red Onion and Peanut-Smoked Chile Barbecue Sauce (right)

Entrees: Fire Roasted Veal Chop with Horseradish-Maple Glaze, Wild Rice Tamale, and Sage Butter (right), Green chile cioppino with Lobster, Scallop, Grouper, Mussels served with Blue Corn Stick and Scallion Butter (left and below).

No dessert - too full!

Burger Bar @ Mandalay Bay - Hubert Keller restaurant

My husband and I recently took a vacation to Las Vegas, Napa Valley, and San Francisco. We ate some amazing meals along the way. My next posts will attempt to chronicle our culinary adventure.

4/30/2010 - We ate here for lunch after landing in Las Vegas.

Kobe beef burger on Onion bun with buttermilk onion rings (left), Country Natural burger on Onion bun with buttermilk zucchini fries, peppercorn cream sauce (right)

Craft Atlanta - Tom Colicchio restaurant

We recently found ourselves in Atlanta and ate at Craft Atlanta in Buckhead. We love Top Chef (and Top Chef Masters), and the idea of eating at one of Tom Colicchio's restaurants was very exciting. Overall we had a great time over a great meal. Menu is a' la carte. Sorry, no pictures! Would definitely recommend.

Amuse Bouche - some kind of pea soup with creme fraiche and bacon on the top.
Appetizers - roasted veal sweetbreads and foie gras terrine.
Main Course - Braised beef short ribs and roasted Alaskan halibut. The waiter thought Zac said "swordfish" when he said "short ribs". The staff was very nice about the mix-up, and brought us the short ribs. They left us the swordfish (and didn't charge for it).
Side Items - Sauteed asparagus, assorment of wild mushrooms, and mushroom risotto
Dessert - Marscapone ice cream
Petit Fours - some vanilla cookies and white cholocate truffles covered in crushed almonds

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So what is this blog about?

This is my first post on my first blog. I love everything about food - eating food, cooking food, reading about food, watching shows about food, and traveling to get food. So that is what this blog will be about - Food. For the most part I envision writing posts about restaurants recently visited, recipes recently cooked (and if there were a sucesss or not), and posting photos of both. I'm looking forward to writing this blog, and to anyone reading it, I hope you enjoy it too!