Monday, December 3, 2012

Donald Link's Spicy Crawfish Fettuccine

I just finished eating leftovers of our dinner last night - Spicy Crawfish Fettuccine.  The recipe is from Donald Link's cookbook "Real Cajun", which we've made several recipes from in the past, all successes.  Click here for my post on other recipes we've made from this cookbook. This fettuccine is so creamy and flavorful and just all around good.  There is even a suggestion if you want to make it "light"!  We did not take that suggestion, by the way.  

I have consumed crawfish on many occasions, from taking heads off freshly steamed ones at crawfish boils (quite messy I must say), to eating crawfish etouffee at our local Cajun restaurant, but I've never cooked with it before. I was personally not feeling adventurous enough to buy whole crawfish and pull out the tail meat, so I bought frozen tail meat to use in the dish. I realize if this were Top Chef, I would be scolded and likely kicked off for this.  

Also, this was our first time buying and using a poblano pepper. Thankfully Zac isn't as affected by the pepper aroma as I am, so he did all the chopping.  Plus he's just a great chopper!  Here are all the things he had to chop, well except the lemons, I juiced those. 

Poblano, chives, lemons (for the juice), plum tomatoes, onion, garlic,
jalapeno pepper, and basil
 The mise-en-place:

plum tomatoes
Getting pan ready to cook the vegetables, followed by sauteing the vegetables and chopped ham. Oh, and no tasso ham to be found at our local Publix. So I just got regular old ham. Again, another offense not overlooked if this were Top Chef.

crawfish tail meat

mixture cooking down, juices reducing

good stuff (heavy cream) has been added, after adding flour and butter

final step of mixing in the basil leave

Ready to Eat!! Served with Parmesan cheese and chives on top
We can't wait to make more recipes from the cookbook "Real Cajun"!

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