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NYC Trip 2015 - Day 4, Part 2: Peter Luger Steakhouse

Day 4 was so packed I broke up the post into two parts.  For Part 1, click here - NYC Trip 2015 - Day 4, Part 1

Peter Luger Steakhouse is located in Brooklyn.  We had reservations for 8:45pm, so had plenty of time for more exploring before dinner after our afternoon break.  Zac had heard good things about the Park Slope area, and that it was good for browsing and taking in all that is Brooklyn, so we headed there first via the subway.  Now for a shout out to "the other 5th avenue" of Park Slope! What a lovely area, great place to stroll and visit shops, stop for coffee (or may be a chocolate!) on what turned out to be a perfect late spring afternoon.  We emerged from underground right at the Barclay's center (which looks like a giant space ship by the way), headed south on Flatbush Avenue, and turned right on 5th avenue, entering Park Slope.  We stayed on 5th avenue for many many blocks, ending at Washington Park at the corner of 5th avenue and 3rd street.  On the way we stopped in several shops including The Chocolate Room (for aforementioned chocolate), Gorilla Coffee where I was tempted to get one of their t-shirts but didn't, and Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store, full of all kinds of cool things.   So, are you in the need for a nice peaceful area very close to Manhattan but want to feels worlds away? Visit the Park Slope area of Brooklyn!

Residential side street in Park Slope

Another residential shot, love the blooms!
So we've seen what we want to see in Park slope, where to next? We want to land somewhere close to Peter Luger, so we can have a nice stroll and end up there close to 8:45pm.  We Uber over to Grand Street, another area Zac has heard is great for perusing and is in walking distance from our dinner destination in Williamsburg.  I somewhat randomly decide to have the Uber drop us off at Grand Ferry Park, thinking we may be able to get some good views of Manhattan across the East River.  At the time of deciding this, I wasn't at all cognizant of the time, or what the sun had planned very soon.......

Surprise! Sunset over Manhattan across the East River. Just stunning.  Needless to say we stayed here and soaked it all in until there was nothing left to soak in, and I realized I was under dressed for a late spring evening with a breeze coming in off the East River.

Check it out! View of Manhattan from Grand Ferry Park in Brooklyn

Empire State Building and Chrysler off to the far right

Me and my sweetheart (thank you strangers for taking this!)

We walk down Grand Street for a ways, and stumble across a little shop called Insiders1 (check it out at where a nice woman and her husband sell made-in-brooklyn leather purses and such with photography she's taken around the city.  Very cool place and I may now have a red leather purse with a photo of Patience (or is it Fortitude?), one of the lions perched outside the NY Public Library.  It's getting close to 8:45 by this time, so we head on our way.  Below is a shot of what I thought looked pretty cool,  Post sunset but not quite all the way dark.  Williamsburg Bridge all lit up on the right, and Lower Manhattan all lit up on the left, in the center a large mural of what I have no idea, but all together it looked quite cool to me.  It looks like I stopped in the middle of the road to take this, but I assure you that I broke no pedestrian laws, and this street had an island in the middle of the street.  Really, it does. Broadway and Bedford streets in Brooklyn.

We arrive!  None to soon, I've worked up quite an appetite. 
 Being the smart people that we are, and not wanting to be completely clueless when we sit down, we (ok Zac) uses his sleuth skills and knows exactly what and how to order.  To be true regulars, we would have said "no menu needed", but we don't do that and at least looked at the menu before ordering our pre-determined fare.

We order appetizers - the shrimp cocktail and bacon.  Yes, just a slab of bacon.  It was as good as it looks!

Signature sauce
 And here we are at the main course, the Porterhouse for two! Sizzling and popping and smelling wonderful with lots of juices to spoon over and further baste the meat in tastiness.
The main event!
For our side to the steak we get the tomatoes and onions, because that's what you do at Peter Luger's Steakhouse.

Zac totally posed for this, he would never actually gnaw on the bone.  I was tempted....


After dinner
We can both easily say why Peter Luger Steakhouse is consistently named, ranked, chosen, whatever as having the best steak in New York.  It was tasty and moist and cooked perfectly.  A great experience overall and would recommend it to everyone! Oh, just remember cash, no credit cards at Peter Luger!

After dinner we head back to Manhattan via the subway, and head over to the area just East of Central Park near Lex and 60th St. We got a nice view of Bloomingdale's at night!

We do have a plan, and that plan is Serendipity 3 and a giant frozen hot chocolate.  Yes, we just scarfed down a huge porterhouse steak.  But we have walked a lot, and it's a vacation after all. So onward to Serendipity 3! 

So here we are, doing a quintessential NYC thing and having dessert at Serendipity 3, me with a frozen hot chocolate and Zac with a sundae. An insane chocolate-y gooey dripping and incredibly delicious sundae!  It was SOOOO good, perfect ending to yet another perfect day on our NYC adventure of 2015!!  

Next up - our last full day in New York.  Three words - Letterman, Le Bernardin.  Stay tuned!!

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