Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cambodian Chicken and Rice Soup with Shrimp

Fall temperatures have come to the Deep South.  Well, at least for today and tomorrow.  Tonight we were inspired to make a nice warm soup, one we've made a handful of times and will continue to make again and again.  I actually posted the recipe almost 2 years ago in my early stages of this blog, but didn't take any photos of the soup. See this link for the full recipe, recipe courtesy of Food and Wine magazine.  

This soup is very easy to prepare despite the long list of ingredients. First thing we did was cook two large chicken breasts.  We did this versus using the meat from a rotisserie chicken.  Definitely to save time you can buy a pre-cooked chicken then just pull the meat off and cut in to chunks. You can do this while you wait for the liquids to come to a boil.  While the chicken cooked, we prepped the remainder of the ingredients except the herbs.  Also, after the chicken started to cook, we started cooking the rice. I used a rice cooker so we could put it off to the side and not have another pot on the stove. 

The main cooking in this dish is the ginger (lots of ginger!) and garlic, then bringing the liquids to a boil.  The shrimp, herbs, lime juice, and chicken all go back in near the end, so it all cooks very quickly.  The prep takes longer than the cooking! 

You can vary the heat by leaving the seeds in or taking them out of the pepper.  We don't have Thai chili's nearby, so we subbed in serrano. 


I only needed two of these limes to get the 2 Tbsp needed for the recipe

Sky while we were cooking. I ran outside to take this =)

Liquids and honey

Good stuff is happening in that pot

Herbs, we didn't have quite enough basil left on our plant, so used some mint as well

More good stuff happening. Proteins have been added. 

All done!
Click here for post with recipe.

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